What I Love Most About Helena, MT

Helena is a city I’ve fallen in love with.


Here are some of the things I love most about the Queen City of the Rockies.


From: Helena, MT


Helena is the perfect size for a small mountain city. It’s big enough to have the amenities of a larger city. And yet it’s small enough to have walkable neighborhoods. Many Helena neighborhoods boast “a trailhead at the end of every street.”


On date nights, my wife and I love to walk to Ten Mile Creek Brewery. If we’re feeling ambitious, we might go two more blocks and stop at Blackfoot River Brewing. On slower nights, we’ll walk to the Hawthorn wine bar, have a glass of wine and maybe snack on some delicious chips and dip.


We have a young kiddo, so there’s a ton of stroller action going on in our lifestyle. Helena is a wonderful city for raising children. There are so many parks in all directions, and they are rarely crowded.


Helena’s Parks


Let’s talk about how friendly the people are in Helena. There’s a saying that “people are people, no matter where you go”. And that might very well be true, generally speaking. In Helena, people are definitely people, in the way the author of that quote means. But there’s something a little different going on in Helena. There is culture here. It’s not just a small town with nothing going on. There are a lot of very interesting people in Helena. And yet, the friendliness levels are off the charts. I can’t really explain why, I simply have found it to be true. Helena-folk are generally friendly, kind, helpful, welcoming, and happy to be talking to you. If you’ve experienced the opposite in other cities, then you’ll know exactly what I mean when you take a walk around Helena.


Helena’s Community of Kindness


Now, let’s talk outdoor activities. In Helena, there are hiking and biking trails everywhere. I am constantly surprised at the dense concentration of high-end mountain bikes I see out and about. Maybe there are just as many $2500+ bikes in other cities, but the difference here is that people actually ride them. All year round.


The Helena Biking Community

Helena Trails


Beyond hiking and biking on the trails, Helena boasts all kinds of other outdoor activities nearby. If you’re into fly-fishing, there are so many spots to fish close by it’s a paradise. You can fish the Little Blackfoot River, the Missouri river, several nearby creeks, and if you want to drive a bit you can reach some serious blue-ribbon fishing rivers just over the divide from here toward Missoula. Head southeast toward Bozeman and you’ll find even more. Here’s a start of a list to get you going (not a comprehensive list by any stretch.)

Helena Fishing Guide

Now let’s talk dining options. Helena has some very unique dining options available. My wife and I love to eat dinner at On Broadway. It’s an amazing place to sit down, have a look around, and sip on a refreshing beverage. For lunch, I love to grab a burrito at La Pa or Taco del Sol. The sandwiches at Lattes and Sundaes are amazing. Right around the corner of my office is Bad Betty’s BBQ, and I go there often. I also like to grab a sandwich at Cafe Zydeco, which is also near where I work. My breakfast haunts are as follows: Steve’s Cafe, Hub Coffee, No Sweat Cafe, and sometimes when I feel like driving I enjoy the chicken fried steak at The Grub Stake.


I want to share so much more with you about this beautiful town I’ve grown to love. Keep your eyes peeled for new posts and updates here on the HelenaRE.com blog.